Mark Silang

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"If I wanted to be scared I would have played Action 52..."

-Mark Silang

Marcus Harrison Silang (born 1982) was the chairman of Wuve inc in 2001. Due to his schizophrenia he stepped down in 2009 after he tryed to commit suicide by jumping out of a window. He got help from his friend James Wye and his brother Jack Silang. Mark rejected his tablets for a while but after trying to commit suicide he finaly took them. Marks parants are called Simon and Sarah.

Early Life

When coming up with the Wuve website he decided that he had to focus on keeping his schizophrenia problems from the work place.

Later Life

After having over 3 schizophrenia attacks Mark desides to stay with his friends and visit his mum dad and brother in Rangers Vill every year via airplane. He can still work on the project via the Wuve network. Mark has reported many times a stalker (Unknown Guy) his doctors said he is propably seeing this.

Place in the Dead War

Mark Silang is the main subject in Unknown Guy's tests and is always being trapped and stalked by him.